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Professional Internet Marketing Consultants

SEO Workers is a group of internet experts. Our consultants are industry leaders in professional web site design, e-Commerce solutions, search engine optimization and internet marketing.

Each consultant has a specialized strength working with search engines, multimedia development and production, social media program management and optimizing organic search engine rankings.

SEO Workers - Shaping the future of the Web!

We are dedicated to making web sites visible to search engines and rendering page results to specific targeted audiences.

SEO Workers’ knowledge of web content accessibility, usability, search engine optimization and internet marketing provide the foundation necessary to achieve your goals to the benefit of your bottom line.

They bring together years of experience in a variety of disciplines, resulting in a team with the skills and knowledge required to make your goals a reality.

From Web Design, E-Commerce Solutions, to Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing, we can deliver all aspects necessary to your project.

What our customers are saying:

"We’re fully confident in the work of the SEO Workers team and highly recommend anyone looking for a skilled SEO partner to take the time to investigate the services John and his team offers." -

"I signed up for the SEO service right away and he pulled my site apart, showing clearly the mistakes and downfalls to it, and gave understandable reasons and instructions on how to fix these issues." -

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Helgas’s photo GermanyHelga Haas, Business Development Consultant.

Expertise: Business Development Consulting, specializing in Project Management & Business Development.

Location: D-86159, Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

John S. Britsios, Search Experience Consultant.

Expertise: Search Experience Consultant, specializing in Semantic Search Engine Optimization & Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Content Accessibility, Usability Testing and UX Strategies, Social Semantic Web Development.

Location: D-86159, Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany.

Headquarters Mailing Address

Helga Haas
SEO Workers
Willi-Stoer Str. 4,
D-86159 Augsburg,

Tax Information

Local Tax Identification Number: 103/174/22801
International Tax Identification Number: DE283547288