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The Most Effective Methods to Reach your Target Audience

Do you need to do a better job of getting the message out about your online business? Would you like to have more sites giving you one-way natural links and traffic because they consider your content valuable to them and their readers?

You may already know that obtaining one-way natural links pointing to your site from other reputable web sites, as well as different social signals, can help increase your search engine rankings, since the major search engines also consider these as a significant measure of a website's quality.

Our high quality copywriting and content marketing strategies focus on creating and promoting high quality content through different online media channels, aiming to boost your overall search engine and social media visibility online.

Web Copywriting & Content Marketing

One of the most effective methods of acquiring natural links and promoting your web site is the creation of high quality unique content, promoted through popular, high quality online media.

How do we make this program work for you?

First of all, you will need to have some basic tools available in order for us to create an effective campaign.

These include:

  • 1. A blog, either onsite or external;
  • 2. Facebook company page;
  • 3. Google+ Personal account;
  • 4. Google+ Business page;
  • 5. Twitter account;
  • 6. Google Webmaster Tools account;
  • 7. Google Analytics account.

How Do We Promote It?

We then take the following steps in a coordinated program to build your site's visibility and popularity:

  • 1. We write unique high quality articles and publish them on your web site's or your own external blog, quality external guest blog sites (when available) and/or on quality content sites (i.e Hubpages, etc).
    • a. Some articles, we will also convert into videos for display on YouTube, as this can greatly increase your exposure and authority within your niche;
  • 2. When your company has some event or news item that warrants it, we'll prepare a professional press release and publish it on a prominent service for dissemination to the media;
  • 3. We bookmark your published articles on 5 high quality social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc, and to your company's Google+ page and Twitter in order to boost the exposure of your content and the power of your links, using varied natural anchor text;
  • 4. We craft and post your quality article on your company's Facebook page in a way that increases the likelihood that your audience will share and discuss it. In addition, we promote your post which will be labeled as "Sponsored" and which will be shown in the "News Feeds" of the people who like your page, but will not appear in the right-hand column of Facebook;
  • 5. We set up a FaceBook "Ads" or "Sponsored Story" campaign which will be shown in the right-hand column of Facebook to promote your company's Facebook page to maximize your Facebook exposure;
  • 6. We deliver custom performance reports based on your Google Analytics and Facebook account activity.

When properly implemented, this program can substantially increase your traffic and your web site's popularity, resulting in greater opportunities for customer engagement and sales for your business.