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Clients & Partners Testimonials

At SEO Workers, we like to go ’the extra mile’ to not only help our customers succeed with their online businesses but so they understand what we do and how that helps them.

Here are a few testimonials from our satisfied, world-wide clients. (UK)

By Oliver Atkinson

We are a UK based online estate agents. We have traded online since 2008 and had no experience with online business. 100% of our business comes online so it was therefore very important to rank for our keywords to drive traffic to the website.

We had used PPC and seo agents from the start. Firstly using an Indian based company and then a large top ranking UK based SEO company. Both of these SEO companies had put backlinks onto websites and directories that google had seen as unnatural and in April 2012 we had a notice of unnatural links and a resultant penalty.

We then employed another top seo company in the UK to help us remove the penalty. They tried to remove some backlinks and submit a re inclusion request to Google. They did a very poor job at this and needless to say the penalty was not revoked. We were at loss with what to do.

We had employed SEO companies in good faith to help us with our rankings. The industry is not transparent and seemingly large and professional companies are using black hat techniques and have little knowledge of how SEO works.

Our web developers had recommended John Britsios from SEO Workers to us and we decided to get his opinion on what we should do. John Britsios appeared very knowledgeable and genuinely wanted to help us. He had removed others penalties so we were hopeful. No one we have ever spoken to actually understands this as much as John, he lives and breathes SEO.

After much consultancy and work we managed to get the penalty revoked which has resulted in us climbing in the rankings once again. Now we are clear from the penalty we can concentrating on building our rankings further and we will be using John Britsios to help us with that. We are thankful to have found SEO Workers. There really is no one else that has such expertise! Thank you!! (U.S.A)

With over 10 years of good organic ranking, our site was dropping in the search engines and business activity was down. The site was custom engineered about the time Google and other search engines were making big changes to their algorithms.

I could not determine whether the lost traffic was attributed to the search engine changes, to the new website structure, to new elements/tags that the website might be missing, to the global recession, or to some combination of factors. This was a too complex analysis with my limited knowledge.

John and his company were selected to help sort this out after interviewing some other so-called SEO experts. He was the only one to take the time to review the website and not offer a generic cookie-cutter plan. And, I appreciated his quick analytical skills the he showed during our phone meetings.

That was what I needed - someone to critically analyze my website and prioritize the tasks to get it back on track.

I was impressed at his passion as he studied the website in detail. He investigated the site's history as well as structure - both visible and the hidden code. He was able to correlate the website traffic with the search engine changes and other parameters with his thorough understanding of the history of the search engines from his long-term experience and patents that they file.

With the resources today's search engines have, relying on yesterday's SEO techniques had to stop. John outlined today's strategies that must be implemented (and had been overlooked). Over the last months, I concentrated on applying his advice to one product line with a better profit margin.

Low and behold, the website now ranks in the top 3 for some of the more valuable keyphrases for that product line - and business is picking up.

Now that I have proof, the thousands of other product pages will be brought up to today's expectations - and John's. I highly recommend John and his company for anyone wanting to improve their visibility on the Net. He will offer personalized advice relevant to your case to bring the positive responses that you demand from the Net. (Australia)

By Debra DeBoer

We operate several websites and in 2012 were hit severely by Google algorithm updates including Penguin & Panda. We had used several Search Engine Optimisation companies and it soon became evident that the methods these companies had used were questionable to say the least.

In an effort to learn more about the art of SEO, my partner and I travelled from Australia to the USA to attend the Pubcon conference in Las Vegas in October 2012. We gained a lot of valuable information from this conference, however we were still unable to find someone who was prepared to help us recover.

Our search engine rankings had gone from page one to page none in the months prior and we were losing massive amounts of revenue as a result. After contacting many Search Engine Optimisation companies I found SEO Workers in Germany to be the most helpful.

After some lengthy discussions, it became evident that Mr Britsios not only had a superior understanding of the changes required, but he also was prepared to do what was necessary to fix our problems. Where other companies had simply told us we need to build more links, John went into every single detail and aspect of our website, analysing exactly what was needed to repair our penalties.

We have now been working with SEO Workers for four months and the proof is in the pudding. Already our website Bean Bags R Us has recovered for 600 keywords, we are seeing record revenue each week and we also have a far better understanding of our online business.

John is not someone who will just take your money and do a second rate job, or no job at all. He has personally and painstakingly maintained a close relationship with us on a daily basis to ensure our ongoing success and to avoid any further penalties in the future.

I have no hesitation in recommending and trusting the services of John Britsios and SEO Workers and would gladly verify this testimonial personally should you feel it necessary. (UK)

By Chris Clayton

John and SEOWorkers have not only helped improve the site from an SEO perspective, but they have included my learning on that journey and made me far more knowledgable along side the sites improvements.

John is a passionate and friendly person whose passion flows over to you and makes you want to improve your site beyond all previous expectations! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending John or his team and I look forward to working with them again soon. (Australia)

By Peter Watson

After my site was manually penalized for inorganic links, I hired the Tele-SEO services of John Britsios was able to educate me on the difficult task of link pruning. I had no idea how technical this process was and without the knowledge gained, I stood zero chance of recovery.

I am happy to announce that my sites manual penalty was revoked through the guidance and persistence of John and the team at

Going forward, I will continue to use John's SEO services as he is now a very important part of our online marketing team! (U.S.A)

By Wes Linda

I have a long history in working with John, and can say one thing. Very professional, and very dedicated. Always willing to help and go above and beyond.

We've just begun the work on our E-Commerce Site, but the work done has been fantastic, and the results are starting to bear fruit already.

Long term, we plan on working with the SEO Workers team for a full strategy of linking and long term SEO strategies.

We're fully confident in the work of the SEO Workers team and highly recommend anyone looking for a skilled SEO partner to take the time to investigate the services John and his team offers. (Australia)

By Miles Kitchen

I cannot rate the work John and his team at SEO Workers have done for my site high enough. On our first point of contact it was clear of how substantial his knowledge of search engines was.

I signed up for the SEO service right away and he pulled my site apart, showing clearly the mistakes and downfalls to it, and gave understandable reasons and instructions on how to fix these issues.

He has also constantly gone beyond his hired services by helping me implement issues that I was not confident fixing or adding and has been there to help and answer any questions (and there were many) all along the way.

I have previously dealt with 2 large SEO companies in Australia who took my money and gave zero results, which is why I looked further offshore for help.

In a very short time, literally weeks, my generic position has jumped and am confident the knowledge he has passed on and work he has done will get me to my optimum position for all my keywords.

It was also very refreshing to have everything explained along the way, so I was not lost in the whole process. I continue to use SEOWorkers today for other projects and they have become an invaluable partner in my business. (Germany)

By Marc Koerberlein

At first, sorry if my english is not always perfect. John did help us, starting two years ago. Our company website was horrible and his first help was to tell us just that fact. He also offered help and gave some free advices.

After some time, we decided to get some paid help from him. During this period he reviewed several times my work and optimization on our site. I learned a lot thanks to him. He did a lot more, than we paid him for.

At some point I decided to redesign my web site and assigned John and his team to do the work. They redesigned my site doing a great work.

Today we are at the on the first 20 with our main three keywords in german google and the keywords are hard battled.

Just after a few weeks the main topics main keyword was in the top ten, just because of the clear structure of the page. John has grown not just a business partner but a friend to me.